Tips to Buying The Right Cabinet Hardware

One of the most essential hardware add-ons to the interiors of your home is cabinet hardware. If you notice carefully you will see that practically every room in your home has a cabinet installed somewhere. Most people nowadays understand the importance of living space due to the lack of it in urban real estates. Therefore, they try to make the most of it by using the height of their houses to store things. However, the trick to intelligent interior designing is to leave the floor space as empty as you can so that you have enough space to move around freely. The question then is; how will you store all the things you own in your one bedroom apartment without making it look like a dumpster?

The answer is simple: cabinet hardware. However, installing it strategically is the difficult part of it. It is easy to buy a set of them from discounted shops. But what do you do when you realize that it is too big or too little for your home? That is where planning comes in.

Blend the Cabinets in with the Rest of your Furniture

First take note of the rest of your belongings and how they are placed in your home. Taking that as a bench mark you must decide how many sets of cabinet hardware you really require and if you have enough wall space to set it all up.

There are many options of cabinet hardware nowadays which include wood, glass, metal and even ceramic. You can use a combination of more than one material to set up the cabinets in different rooms. Don’t be afraid to contrast them against the rest of your furniture. Your bedroom can have the wooden ones since there is no fear of damage from moisture, heat or oil, as in the kitchen. For the kitchen you can use ceramic or glass. Both of them look good and are useful. However, you must take care of them regularly to avoid scratches and cracks.

The Importance of Fitting Knobs

One of the most important aspects of setting up cabinet hardware is the knobs. Instead of going for cheap stuff for your beautiful cabinets, why don’t you invest in some quality knobs so that they last you long enough? Otherwise, you will end up spending more than you wanted to by having to replace the poor ones frequently.

Knobs can add that special touch to the interiors of the room. In fact most people notice the knobs on cabinets first. This is because they can be very pleasing to the eye, or very painful! If you choose metal knobs you will have to deal with finger smudges. The same goes for glass knobs, although that has the added problem of breaking. If you choose wooden ones, make sure there is a handle protector. Wood is hard to maintain and easily ruined.

Fitting these knobs into the cabinet hardware is a matter of precision and dexterity. If you are not confident of doing it yourself hire a carpenter. Once the work is done, it is impossible to undo it. Therefore, spoiling it means redoing the whole thing from scratch, something you don’t want to imagine.

Knobs are very important for cabinets. Imagine trying to open one and ending up with a dislocated knob in your hand! Therefore, ensure their security while fitting them in. for this measurement is important. A little off the mark can end up making your cabinet hardware look lopsided!

Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

Depending on the material from which your cabinets are made of, use the appropriate cabinet cleaner. Wipe off the cleaning agent completely with a wet cloth and then repeat the action with a dry cloth.

Kitchen Cabinets – More Than Just Doors

When you think of kitchen cabinets, what do you typically think of? Chances are it’s wood-framed boxes with a door front. But there’s more that meets the eye when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Of course, the eye will first gravitate to the kitchen cabinet focal point, so you’ll want to choose a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers a wide selection of wood door styles and finishes, and the more the merrier. One leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets offers more than 100 door styles, six wood species and 37 furniture finishes, running the gamut from maple, oak, hickory, cherry and birch; square, arch and slab; and colorful glazes and veneers.

As a discerning homeowner, you won’t want your kitchen cabinets to stop there, however. That same manufacturer also offers a wide range of decorative cabinet hardware to take your kitchen cabinets from merely attractive to va-va-voom! recently posted an article titled “Looking for new cabinet doorknobs? Drawer pulls? There are plenty of options to choose from” that addressed this very topic. Therein, the author points out the when it comes to kitchen cabinet finishing touches, “There is a wide variety of design styles and prices” to choose from.

“These accents customize your cabinetry for a look that reflects your personal style. The total for this hardware depends a great deal on the size of your kitchen and how many doors and drawers in it.”

The article also suggests, “Anyone looking for kitchen hardware should consider style, color and the rest of the space to coordinate with what already exists in it, such as lighting and faucets.” Decorative hardware can change the look of your cabinetry a little – or a lot. The choice is yours. From the simplest to the most extravagant looks, you’ll want to choose a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers a complete selection of styles to complement your own unique style.

The author recommends that you “Look for something that’s going to last. You want something that’s not going to look dated in a few years. But if you want to be trendy … pick less expensive pieces.” Daily Gleaner also suggests, “It’s a good idea to make sure you find something that feels good in the hand. Some people refer to this (cabinet hardware) as kitchen jewelry because it is the finishing touch to the space.”

The author’s best piece of advice is not to overthink things. “Pick something that meets your needs. Get something you can live with. Make sure you like the feel of it on the cabinet door. If you aren’t sure about what will look and feel right in your kitchen or bath, sometimes it is possible to take samples home.” You might also consider evaluating your various options over the Interner at a kitchen cabinet manufacturer’s online showroom.

With so many kitchen cabinet styles and materials to choose from, “whether you are looking for something to suit a modern, traditional or country home, you will likely find something to suit your design preferences.”

Tips For Picking Out Quality Cabinet Hardware

When selecting cabinet hardware for your kitchen or bath you should first determine if your cabinets have existing holes in them. If you have existing holes drilled you will need to make sure your new cabinet hardware will fit in the holes. For example if your cabinets are drilled for cabinet pulls you will need to measure the distance between the holes. The new pulls will need to match your existing conditions. If you have single holes drilled in your cabinets you may have to use knobs in this situation as pulls normally require two screws and may not end up in the correct location on the cabinet door or drawer. Most cabinet pulls have a 3 inch screw hole spacing. However, pulls can come in many other dimensions. If your cabinets are brand new chances are they do not have holes drilled in them. In this case you have many more options.

When selecting cabinet knobs and pulls you should take into account the size of your doors and drawers to make sure the hardware you choose will fit. Most cabinet hardware is packaged with a standard size screw. You should measure the thickness of your cabinets to make sure the screws in the package will work for your condition. If the screws are to long or short you can purchase screws separately at any home improvement store.

When installing cabinet hardware on new cabinets I would suggest purchasing a template to help you locate the screw holes on your cabinet doors and drawers. Templates can be ordered online from most sites that sell cabinet hardware. The template will help you mark your cabinets before drilling screw holes. Before you measure use masking tape so you can mark the cabinets with a pencil. The tape will also protect the finish of the cabinets.Drill holes using a drill bit that is 1/16 of an inch larger than the diameter of your screws. Take your time when drilling holes. Do not push to hard or you could damage the cabinets when the drill bit comes out the back side of your door or drawer.

Popular brands of cabinet hardware include Amerock, Top Knobs, Dynasty Hardware, Jeffrey Alexander and Hickory Hardware. There are others but these brands offer affordable options. Check the internet for deals on cabinet hardware. Ordering your hardware over the internet is easy. There are several sites where you can view the various styles and designs. You can always order just a few pieces to make sure they are what you want before placing your order.

Cabinet hardware does vary in quality. Here are some things to consider when judging the quality of the hardware. Do the knobs or pulls have hollow backs. Most quality cabinet hardware is solid. Look at the finish. Does the manufacturer offer a warranty on the finish. Most quality cabinet hardware is made of zinc. Other metals include brass or bronze.

When shopping for cabinet hardware, consider the design of your kitchen. Are you going for a modern look or a traditional look. Do you want your cabinet hardware to match the finish of your other fixtures, like faucets or lighting fixtures. Choose a finish that will contrast with the finish of your cabinets. Do not be afraid to be bold. Have fun and enjoy your new hardware.

Glass Cabinet Hardware – Your Cabinetry Will Glisten With Beauty Thanks to Them

Do you really want your cabinetry to shine and glisten with beauty? If so, then glass cabinet hardware is just what you are looking for.

Glass cabinet hardware has a very sophisticated appearance because, you guessed it, it is crafted from glass. Now, that glass is just the beginning as to why it is pleasing to the eye because what can also add to its appearance is how the hardware is shaped. For instance, you can get knobs made from glass that have a square shape, creating something that has a very simple, yet charming appearance. Or, you can get other knobs that have a complicated rosette shape, creating a very unique and eye-catching selection.

Another thing that can also add to the appearance of glass cabinet hardware is the colors in which it can be tinted. There are clear options along with others that can be pink, blue, emerald, lavender, auburn, yellow, and even orange to name a few. And, on top of the colors that it can have, a third thing that really puts its look over the top is how it can also be mounted on different materials. For instance, you can get drawer pulls that have gold bases or cabinet knobs that have oil rubbed bronze bases. Along with those materials, some of the other ones they can also be mounted on include stained woods and additional metals like nickel, copper, iron, and stainless steel.

With glass cabinet hardware, you actually have a lot of different options to choose from with what you can buy to install on your cabinetry. Two of those options have already been touched upon briefly and they are knobs and pulls. Both are a great option and in addition to installing them on your cabinetry, you could also install them on dresser drawers or nightstand drawers as well. Some of the other hardware options that are also available include appliance handles, kitchen handles, and there are a few glass back plates to pick from, but not as many as those crafted from materials like wood, metal, and ceramic.

If you are not quite feeling the glass cabinet hardware, do not fret because there are options made from other materials as well, something that was just talked about in the previous paragraph. Either of them would be a fantastic choice and for a fast and convenient way to look into all the options, the thing to do is to go online for some comparison shopping. In no time at all will you be able to browse the many online stores and their offerings just by the glide and click of your computer mouse. When you do find something that you like, it is easy to get it at the best deal because browsing is such a breeze. And, when you make a purchase, what you buy will even be sent right to your home.

At the end of the day, if you want your cabinets to glisten with beauty, then glass cabinet hardware is something that you are going to need to invest in.

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